2017 Update 1

A bit of accountablity to help me stick to my goals. This is a good read - about not setting goals, it seems to make sense so I've adapted a few of my goals to be a bit less vague.

Be healthier

  • Running - this one is easy as I just need to run 1 mile every day to get to 365 miles in total. This is the only goal that I've been sticking to, probably as it's quite specific and easy to break down into a small 10 minute task per day. In February I'm going to stop running 1 mile per day and instead run 7 miles per week, this should give my legs more time to recover and stop the build up of fatigue I got when I cycled every day during 2015.
  • Sugar - seems impossible to reduce sugar intake, I just can't help myself. I can generally avoid stocking up on too many snacks but can't say no if there some available. Will see if I can do something different to reduce intake, I still feel that total abstinence is not a good long term solution
  • Eating better - I've been cooking from the Lean in 15 cookbook, the meals seem healthy and are quick and easy to cook.
  • More Water - this is not happening, as per the link in the opener I need something specific to help. I need to buy some water bottles so I can carry one on my bike and have one permanently at work.
  • Less Beer - This is working, but only by not having any stock of beer at home, otherwise I'd be in the same position as I am with sugar.
  • Socialise - doesn't feel like I've got close this month. Not sure if these are just excuses but January is a quiet month, my house is not complete so not invited anyone around and I've not visited anyone due to work. Will see if Feb goes better or I need to make more changes.

Less distraction

  • No laptop before bed - this is ok, but I've not really been reading any books. To resolve I've ordered a book and going to head to bed for 11pm where possible for some reading time.
  • Less internet procrastination - not worked at all so far, probably too vague, in order to help I'm going to say no internet after 10pm and no (non-work related) internet before 12pm. I'll possibly but blocks in place to help this (even though I can circumvent, the block usually does enough)
  • Less YouTube - same as above. Easy to get a random video of no use playing, which is no better than watching TV to fill the time

Do More, finish things etc.

All the same really header really

  • Raspberry Pi - so far only using one for RasPlex which wasn't hard
  • Blog - managed to start a lot, but finish few. I don't really want to say specifically that I will post once per week, as I don't think I've got that much to say...
  • Coding - started reading but not getting far. I've decided to incorporate that into a bit of a routine. 8pm Coding, 10pm No Internet (watch a show/ part movie), 11pm Read a book. Eating, running and going out will eat into this time.
  • Apply for a job - not actioned anything. Need to > Look at local job listings > Update C.V. > Find a suitable job > Apply. Should have applied for a job by June.
  • Finish House, Garden, Garage - Work continues on all three.