Here's a list of articles and videos that I found interesting from the first week of 2021

Do You Love Me? by Boston Dynamics

I started to log sites and videos I found interesting from around the internet last year in a sort of monthly digest. I've pretty consistently fallen behind with posting these digests - at time of writing 6 months behind. All the missing months are partially done, needing very minor tweaks and I'll publish them later and re-date them to the correct time - which isn't really in the spirit of things.

So for this year I've started weekly posts instead, they're pre-scheduled to go live at the end of each week regardless of whether they're ready. I'm hoping that I don't end up weeks and weeks behind, having to go back to edit posts from months ago. If a week ends up empty I'll delete it.

Scratchcard Lanyard by Dry Cleaning
  • Why Artists Love the Eerie Sensation of Characters That Look Almost Human (artsy.net) - robots creepily close to humans but not quite. Worth the link for Jordon Wolfson's dancing 'Female Figure' piece which is fully in the Uncanny Valley
  • Great American Rail-Trail - a ~3700mile cycle route that is partially completed crossing North America. Despite hating the 100miles of railway we did on the Tour de Manche through Northern France, crossing a continent like this does seem quite appealing, especially in a country not known for safe cycling. Another article on this from the BBC: A new way to travel across the US
  • Mendip Climbs (posternostalgia.co.uk) - I noticed this cycling challenge appear on VeloViewer, it's along on the lines of the 100GreatestClimbs challenges, but localised around the Mendips which aren't too far away for me to drive to.
  • My Year in Data (samplesize.one) - a blog post from someone who logged their year in 15min blocks. It would be interesting to have this data automatically logged so you could see what's been going on for the year, I expect Google/Apple already know this info.
Compersion Pt.1 by Arab Strap
  • Perfect Media Server - a website spawned from linuxserver.io which I've previously used for building my home server. Filled with useful info and tips from several years of building home media servers.
    • Jellyfin - OSS alternative to Plex Media Server
    • InFuse - an alternative front end player for Jellyfin (and other media servers), supports many devices
    • YunoHost - a web-based way to manage a home server with easy to install apps and centralised admin page
    • Playnite - video game library manager that supports many different game stores, potentially could be used with SteamLink and home server for games playable on multiple different devices