Week 1, 2022

Week 1, 3rd - 9th Jan 2022

Week 1, 2022

As it's a new year, here are some goals - mostly related to cycling and fitness as usual (it would be fair to assume that I also have the generic, boring goals that everyone else has too, which I am very likely to fail at);

  • publish a weekly general blog post like last year with a slightly tweaked format as per this article
  • expand my Veloviewer tile cluster beyond 1000 tiles (currently 963), expand my max tile square to 20 (currently 17)
  • enter many more events now that covid restrictions appear to be easing (and get fit for them). Get started on qualification for the 2023 PBP
  • Do a 100mi (century) ride at least once a month - something I did manage to do last year in an effort to get better at endurance cycling
  • I've also set some Strava minimum goals - cycling 6hrs/week, cycling 100mi/week (both doable), and running, 1hr/week (hard and already failed by 5min)

Any interesting links from this week

  • Gameboy CT scan (scanofthemonth.com) - a fresh CT scan of a selection of Nintendo devices. The site has now fixed its lack of archive's and the previous LEGO and Apple Airpods scans can now be accessed through the menu
  • Dales Divide 2021 (medium.com/@jcraven_) - a ride report from the winner of the 2021 Dales Divide, a 600km bikepacking race crossing the Yorkshire Dales
  • Mark Rober Build Instructions (markroberbuildinstructions.com) - a website from the YouTuber Mark Rober with pictures of some of his builds, inspiring my own workbench project
  • When SimCity got serious: the story of Maxis Business Simulations and SimRefinery (obscuritory.com) - an exploration of the Business Simulations spin-off of Maxis - the creator of the Sim-series of titles. They branched out into serious business related games like SimRefinery to help train new employees on the operation of the plant

YouTube / video content

This video by Disrupt TV on YouTube is really well made mini-doc on the world's most wanted hacker, Kevin Mitnick. I've seen a few longer form YouTube videos recently like this 30min feature and they've been captivating enough to hold my attention, so hopefully we won't all be stuck watching YT #shorts forever more.

Earth's Most Wanted Hacker - Disrupt
The Sinking of the Concordia Caught on Camera - All 4
An extraordinary minute-by-minute anatomy of the Costa Concordia disaster, filmed by the passengers who were there
A film about the sinking of the Costa Concordia piece together using footage shot from passengers on-board at the time