Week 12, 2023

Week 12, 20th - 26th March 2023

Week 12, 2023
OS Benchmark, Jubille Clock, Weymouth

After learning about the OS Benchmarks, (image in header), I've finally found some out in the wild - they are hard to come by, often covered by years of plant growth and blending into the rock they've been carved in to.

  • The venture capitalist's dilemma (newsletter.mollywhite.net) - investor fallout following the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank
  • Juice (garden.bradwoods.io) - The UI elements that reward feedback and enchance user interaction
  • I Bought Back My Acquihired Startup (steveridout.com) - the story of ReadLang and its creator, after being acquihired by Duolingo in 2016 and now finding their way back together seven years later


A recent upload from one of the film makers of this crack-climbing movie from ~2009

Wide Boyz, climbing feature film