Links from week 13, 2021


Links from week 13, 2021. The container ship Ever Given was freed from its position in the Suez channel so I had nothing to check this week, but luckily there was more content generated from this ship getting stuck.

  • Ever Given Ever Ywhere (evergiven-everywhere.glitch.me) - place the Ever Given where ever you like (and see how huge this ship is)
  • No, I Did Not Hack Your MS Exchange Server (krebsonsecurity.com) - following the massive Exchange server hack, hackers left files on computers linking it to Krebs security blog
  • Inside a viral website (notfunatparties.substack.com) - linked to istheshipstillstuck.com last week, the creator of the site has blogged his experiences here
  • CyclingTips’ Ronan Mc Laughlin Has Reclaimed the Everesting World Record (pinkbike.com) - Everesting seems to be one of the most ridiculous cycling challenges possible (just ride up and down a hill until you've equalled the height of Everest). Ronan McLaughlin has beaten his own record with an absolutely ridiculous time.
  • OpenTTD 1.11.0 (openttd.org) - the latest (open source reimaging) version of one my all time favourite games has been released. I won't be playing as it's too addictive
  • OpenRA (openra.net) - also discovered this open source version of Command & Conquer Red Alert, which I sunk many hours into 'back in the day'
  • Microsoft Coffee (microsoftcoffee.org) - an April fools prank by some Microsoft employees causing a PR headache in '95
  • Windows 95 — How Does it Look Today? (dmitryelj.medium.com) - revisiting Windows 95 - the first proper OS with a graphical user interface that I ever used

Heres a video from Stuff Made Here; all of the videos on this channel are good:

Making a log carving robot by Stuff Made Here