Links from week 15 of 2021


Week 15 of 2021 (12-18 April)

  • Creating a minimalist blog with Jekyll Now. (vdf.dev) - I've linked to a similar article before, but it's nice to see another perspective on this set up.
  • vgpu_unlock (github.com/dualcoder) - the virtual GPU features that are usually limited to Nvidia's ultra expensive enterprise grade cards has started to be unlocked. Now it be possible for users to split consumer-grade cards between virtual machines
You Stayed / To Live by For Those I Love

I quite like to link to music tracks I like through YouTube embedded so I can easily come back and play them through my own blog - works pretty well with ad-blocker running but not ideal as you get ads and Google tracking without asking for it. It's a shame that BandCamp doesn't have an embedded player as it's nice and easy to buy a track through there with confidence that it supports the artist. If I can find SoundCloud links instead, I'll try to post those instead.

Here's a couple of tracks featuring the voice of Femi Koleoso from Ezra Collective:

Going In by Sam Interface
All A Bit Mad by Wayward

And one last YouTube vid that made me chuckle: