Week 14, 2023

Links from 3rd - 9th April 2023

Week 14, 2023
Paris-Roubaix, sector 18 cobbles

First trip to the Spring Classics since pre-pandemic, apart from the cobbles it's much smoother riding European roads

  • The day Windows died (thomasbandt.com) - another accurate post about the state of Windows today. It's workable with a bit of effort to disable all the built in bloat-ware, but for a new user the experience is verging towards hostile. In previous generations of Windows laptops you would need to reinstall the OS to get a clean experience without the laptop manucturer's crapware, but now it's being pushed by Microsoft themselves.
  • FBI Seizes Bot Shop ‘Genesis Market’ (krebsonsecurity.com) - closure of a slick site selling access to user accounts -  worth a read on what the site was providing to its users.
  • Sunset (brr.fyi) - The sun has set once again at the South pole, another interesting article from this blog about life at the research facility located there.
  • The longest straight line in Great Britain (statsmapsnpix.com) - recalculating the longest straight line in GB that doesn't cross a public road.
  • CAN Injection: keyless car theft (kentinell.github.io) - using off-the-internet devices to break into the cars inbuild CAN network and start the car withough a key.


I Do by Romance & Dean Hurley
Taskmaster - Series 15: Episode 1 | All 4
Alex Horne unveils a new snack and Frankie Boyle discovers why cats love string so much
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