Week 22, 2022

Week 22, 30th May - 5th June 2022

Week 22, 2022

Most of this week spent cycling around the west coast of Scotland on the Roam Scotland Rally

Really nice to have a break from the internet, no need to keep checking a screen every 5 mins and nothing pressing to be getting on with apart from making a bit of progress on the bike

Having said that, after just a few days I'd already eaten up my entire months mobile phone data allowance, mainly just by browsing Instagram

  • Extreme points of Europe (wikipedia.org) - I don't believe I've yet to visit any of these extremities of Europe, but may have reached some of the ends of the British Isles
  • TransScotland (theracingcollective.com) - we crossed paths with some of the riders of this event, a slightly(!) more extreme version of what we were riding
  • Park4Night - a useful app for finding suitable camp spots


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