Mildly interesting things from week 3 of 2021


Another week from the internet, here's a list of links and videos that seemed interesting

Discovered Jay Foreman's YouTube channel the other week from the Trending pages, all great content and I've been bingeing pretty hard on this. It seems strange to see good content on the Trending page usually the content showing there is really not my cup of tea. I also find it quite strange that the channel features other YouTubers that I follow (Tom Scott, Beardyman, The Tim Traveller) but I've never seen it recommended for me. Anyway, there are several series on the channel, Map Men, Unboring politics and Unfinished London below:

Unfinished London Playlist - Jay Foreman
  • What is Social Cooling? (reasonandmeaning.com) - social cooling refers to people adjusting their behaviour in reaction to the feeling of being watched
  • 6 reasons the Fediverse is better than regular social media (slashdev.space) - the fediverse is a decentralised alternative to the main social media platforms, here's 6 reasons it can be considered better.
  • Retiring Tucows Downloads (tucows.com) - the nostalgia! Tucows was one of the biggest download sites around from when I first started using a computer on the internet in the late 90s / early 2000s. Use of sites like this and download.com seemed to have stopped a few years ago for some reason (most things are browser-based, or are available from their source on GitHub I suppose)

I've posted a few songs from Bicep, the latest album has now dropped, here's the playlist:

Isles - Bicep