A list of articles from week 5 of 2021


Week 5 of 2021, and week 5 of lockdown number 3 for the England.

This week I managed to set up game streaming from my home server, so now I can play games on my laptop that normally would be too demanding for its onboard graphics to handle. Although at the moment the server can barely cope it anyway, when 'chipageddon' ends I should be able to upgrade to something beefier. So the setup is a virtualised Windows machine with a Geforce 1060 graphics card passed through directly to the VM. The VM then has GeForce game streaming enabled through the GeForce driver. The laptop has Moonlight installed - this is an open source version of NVIDIA's GameStream protocol, it works kind of like a remote desktop I suppose, but incredibly well for moving graphics.

With the distraction of gaming and playing around getting the computer set up I've not read so many nice articles this week, but here they are;

The Call by Madlib
  • Goldeneye 007’s lost Xbox 360 remaster has leaked (arstechnica.com) - back in the mid-2000s RARE remastered N64 classic 'Goldeneye 007' ready for its expected re-release on XBOX Live. Due to IP licenses it was never released but has now leaked online, and it looks pretty great (maybe that's the nostalgia talking)
  • How to lose money (getrevue.co/profile/andrewtye) - As the article says; "Seven anti-wealth tactics you can use to lose money fast". Although I didn't find too many links this week I have been following and trying to make sense of the GameStop/WallStreetBets phenomenon which has been dominating social news this week and causing enough of a storm to filter into the mainstream.
  • The Gell-Mann Amnesia Effect (xeny.net) - just worth a short read - why do we believe what we read despite evidence that suggests we shouldn't (but put eloquently)
  • A visual guide to SSH tunnels (robotmoon.com) - it's great when an article has all the information in the title, but what am I supposed to write here?

And a bit more workout drum and bass from Sully to finish:

Artefact (Sully Remix) by Know V.A.